mp3 // Get Focused (Live) - Single

mp3 // Get Focused (Live) - Single


This live version of "Get Focused", recorded at a quasi-legal back yard music festival in Cincinnati, fully captures the unique mix of R&B, Funk, and improvisational rock that characterizes the band’s live performances.

Adam Bohanan: Vocals

Dylan Charles: Guitar/Vocals

Seth Faulk: Drums/Vocals

Matt Gilmartin: Bass

Featuring special guests:

Brian Batchelor-Glader: Organ

Josef Deas: Clav

Danny Manning: Sax

Recorded on location by Alex Lusht at “The Annual” in Cincinnati, OH on September 2, 2018

Mixed by Alex Lusht at Mind Ignition Studio, Cincinnati, OH

Mastered by Josef Deas at Big Sky Studio, Ann Arbor, MI

Cover Photo by Wilm Pierson

Cover Design by Dylan Charles

“Get Focused” © Ⓟ 2019 On The Sun / Space Tiger Music

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